How to have a Scarlets Party:

All you need to do, in order to host a Scarlets party, is invite your friends, and a Scarlets Consultant will show up and do the rest.  We recommend a minimum of 8 ladies at a party, but bigger is always better.  The more guests you have at your party, the bigger your discount as the host will be.

Our Scarlets consultants will share their knowledge of sexual health with you, in an informative and fun way.

After the short, light hearted and fun presentation, our consultant will request to meet with each of your guests in a private setting, where we can address any questions and assist with product selection and ordering.

As the hostess, you are the last person to meet with the consultant, as you will receive 10% of the turnover as a discount on your purchases. As the hostess, you will also receive a free gift as a token of our appreciation.

The cost of a Scarlets consultant coming to your party is FREE! We do however request that you send your guests a link to our store, so that they can have a look at our products and pricing before hand.

You do not need to have a reason for a Scarlets party, but if it is a bachelorette party, or kitchen tea, or any other special occasion, we ask that you let us know, so that we can prepare accordingly.

We request that there are no men on the premises for the duration of our presentation.

For more information, or to book a party, please fill in the form, and a consultant will be in touch with you shortly.

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